Me and my homie in a dress @iamcharliegirl #goldenglobes2017 - Marlon Wayans (@marlonwayans)

Marlon Wayans

Me and my homie in a dress @iamcharliegirl #goldenglobes2017

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@marlonwayans so glad @iamcharliegirl is taking care of you. She da best homie in life and PR.

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@marlonwayans I was wondering if there is any possible way I can receive an internship. I am a film production major at San Diego St, entering my last semester before I graduate. Just a brief background of me. Growing up for me I always had a chip on my shoulder, that since of motivation and determination, that nothing will get in my wayr from accomplishing my number 1 goal, which was to change my Mom and two older brothers lives, because they raised me. Even though we grew up in poverty, because of them, I wouldn't really feel it too much, I had fun, my childhood was great. So, me wanting to pursue film production, all the way from Vallejo, a small town in the bay area, going down to San Diego St, not knowing anyone, now one semester from graduating, pursuing the dream to bring back the knowledge to Vallejo. All of my life, I wanted to make a difference, that is what I really care about, helping people, that's what I'm passionate about, while doing it through film. Being able to be apart of an internship learning from, I can learn about film, the business side, and production side. I'll give it everything that I got. Everything I got. I want to bring the knowledge back to Vallejo, where the kids and people can do something positive. They don't believe things like this can happen, but it's real. I want to build actors in the Vallejo community, taking them off the streets, and using their energy for good. Telling stories, expressing themselves through art and not violence.

A little while back you gave me advice and I took it, I hope you respond back. Thank you


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