Baller. Love you sis. @AplusW3 - Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson)

Russell Wilson

Baller. Love you sis. @AplusW3


Logan Werner

@dangerusswilson I remember when your sister was playing against my former high school's girls basketball team ( her senior year ) my folks and I went the game on the off chance you'd be there I can remember I got within three feet of you and it felt so weird rooting against you when I'm used to rooting for you Russell

Kim Coffey

Love that the sibs have the same #!

Emma Raschkow

Russel I saw u at the Stanford vs UW game. I wish I could have said hi but u were way down low cheering your sisters team on.

Kyler Yates



U are so talented

Christian Jensen

@mqwalker Wasn't she at the OTC?


😍your sis is awesome russell