Questions abound. This is gonna be fun! #WWHL - Andy Cohen (@bravoandy)

Andy Cohen

Questions abound. This is gonna be fun! #WWHL

Bravo Clubhouse

Bessy Kat

When your chef Tracy is the most interesting person on your show it's time to go!


😝😝😝 @jim.hwkins77511 I could not agree with you more! She needs to stop getting all that plastic surgery she's not getting πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


Kroy is hot you should have asked to take a pic with his beautiful beefy ass lol

🎲 Tiffany 🎲


Tina L. Sesco

Live too love you Krory y Kimberly

Jim Hawkins

Love you Andy but it's really time to cancel Kim Z on any bravo show. She lies constantly let's not forget the cancer she lied about. Every other women on bravo has class she has none. Her language cmon Andy and her kids using the same words and gestures and Kroy is following her. I used to think he had some sense but no more!! The only one with any sense is Adriana.... Has to go no one wants to see any of it !!!!

Ana Cortez

@bravoandy "you look like Steve Jobs" πŸ˜‚