Young Champ!!! All the way from Idaho! @SeattleChildrens @Ciara @Seahawks #CaptainsBlitz - Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson)

Russell Wilson

Young Champ!!! All the way from Idaho! @SeattleChildrens @Ciara @Seahawks #CaptainsBlitz


Anthony Fisk

Hey my name is Anthony and i just want to say im a big fan never been to centurylink but am a true 12 but my family and i are homeless and in a shelter trying to get out but cant seem to get up anyway just want you to know that even homeless are 12's



Amela pajazetovic

#idaHOME you guys are so great , Ciara has always been my girl have looked up to her since I was itty bitty , I knew there was a reason I loved her. Good hearts recognize good hearts 💕 @ciara


Makes my heart SO happy you went to see him! He's one incredible fighter that we have been praying for, GOD is so good and truly smiling down on this young man! ❤🎄 #thankyouruss

Kaden Rothenbuhler

Wow, home state